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Transitioning into Journey

From March 2014

Journey, by its most basic definition, is getting from point A to point B…traveling from one place to another.

A and B may be physical, mental or emotional places, even financial places, but the key concept typically defining journey remains the same: getting to some place.

Casey and I have a slightly different understanding of the definition of journey. It’s not a destination-based wistfulness, “man, I can’t wait to get to such-and-such-a-place!” For us it’s more of an attitude or mindset than an actual departure/travel/destination paradigm.

Journey becomes a lifestyle.

I’ve heard this great piece of advice given to new cruising sailors, specifically those who built their own vessel;

after you sail away from the hubbub and fanfare of that first launch, take your boat to the first safe, comfortable anchorage, throw out the pick, then just sit, and simply breathe, absorb the fact you are now on journey.

You see the journey itself is the destination; being in that mindful place that defines your life, not governed by others, not bound by a knowledge that at some point you must return to that which you just left, your world is now your own, and horizon begets horizon.

Without an anchor line behind you or an imposing expectation before you, the only thing of importance becomes ‘the right now.’ How you enjoy that ongoing moment is up to you!

There’s bound to be some zen-like grooviness attached to this that I will probably never understand, however I do know it feels good, both at the time and lingering on for a while until other experiences take its place. The joy of being ‘on journey’ is something that can be described, but never known until it takes place for the individual.

The moment the car starts and we’re looking to the horizon, we are on Journey. How long will it take us to get to the Sea of Cortez? May be days, or the way we travel, weeks south but we are in that special place, living each day as it comes.