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One of our many foibles

Is multi-tasking all it’s cracked up to be?

We hope not, since we’re clearly gifted with the art of only focusing on one project at a time.

In this video, I attempt to demonstrate exactly what we’ve been focusing on (instead of posting to the blog…and yes, I feel very guilty, but that doesn’t seem to make the posts magically appear…foible of Me.)


Design Description – Tahiti Wayfarer 21

Forgive us readers, for it has been 13 days since our last post…

We left off with the plans for building Wilber arriving in the mail in September.  Since that post, we’ve had a number of people asking about the design, so rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, here is the ‘Tahiti Wayfarer 21’ description direct from the James Wharram Designs website:

” …

Tahiti Wayfarer 21 – Double Canoe or Outrigger Canoe – Self-Build Boat Plans

The Tahiti Wayfarer hull shape is derived from traditional dug-out canoes from Tahiti and Samoa, but built in stitch & glue ply/epoxy. All other components of the boat are constructed from materials found in nature. Crossbeams and spars are made from small trees and saplings with natural forks for jaws, stripped of bark and sculpturally finished, all parts are lashed together.

As she is likely to be used in the open sea she has a self-draining floor (large enough to sleep on) and watertight bow and stern compartments. This hull shape has only 8″ – 20cm draft; her lateral resistance comes from a fine forefoot combined with the area of the steering-paddle/side-rudder.

She can be built as a Double Canoe with two same-sized hulls and a platform big enough to erect a two man tent on, or as an Outrigger Canoe using just one hull and a light weight log as outrigger float. She is rigged with a crab claw sail, using rope standing rigging.  Tahiti Wayfarer with her very shallow draft is a perfect boat for exploring, a great boat for use by scouts and youth groups or to be taken on a ‘Raid’. Auxiliary propulsion is by paddle, oars or Yuloh.

By self-making everything: natural spars, sails and even hand carved deadeye blocks, her building cost is very low (the Plans give all details).  This is a boat that needs NO hardware! The aim of the Wharram new Ethnic Design range is to study and understand by practical experience aspects of the design of canoe form craft from the ancient sailing world.

… “

Still curious about what it takes to turn plywood into a floating work of art?  That’s coming up next!…

(Thank You to James Wharram Designs for permission to repost their photos and site information!!)