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To recap the WHAT and WHY of our project…

Our journey is for you.  As we document our experiences, we are doing so to allow as many people as are interested to vicariously experience the journey with us.  From meeting people of different culture; seeing new lands; interacting with interesting animals; and even just learning how one goes about living, eating, and the day-to-day activities such a journey requires.

It is our fond hope that the sharing of the journey will not only expand your educational foundation, but will be taken and shown in classrooms enabling children to experience a lifestyle very different from their normal life.  We hope the journey may awaken the desire for exploration and encourage others to “take the plunge” and realize their dreams.

Through our Blog postings, and ultimately film, we are striving to provide a unique educational and emotional sensation that will open the doors of the world beyond daily practices.  The realization of our film and the funding to help make it a reality are the critical ingredient to bring our dream of sharing and education to fruition.

Above all else, Journey2Live is a multimedia educational project through which people around the globe will learn about and get to know the many facets of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

We can manage the journey side of things, but we need help with the sharing! In fact, it’s safe to say, this project cannot succeed without your help.

If you’re moved to keep the project going, or make it better, here are a few ways you can achieve that:

Interact with us

By sending us comments, asking questions, and making suggestions, we get to know you and your interests!  That will help us provide you with quality information, and in turn help us create a better end-product…a great film!

Sign up to Join the Journey (free)

Not only does signing up give you access to extra stuff, making it easier to follow along, but it helps us out as well.  For example, when we get to port, it is our priority to communicate with people deeply interested in what we’re doing.   (Please send us comments, questions and suggestions!)  Plus, when the film is complete, we can approach distribution companies and prove there is an audience interested in watching it.

Show us off to your circle of friends (and ask them to check us out)

Whether you tell them about us in person or in a letter…on Facebook or during show-and-tell…or really splurge and pay a pilot to write it in the sky above a crowded summer beach, this project cannot succeed without a grassroots foundation to grow from.

Help us Raise Funds

Contribute to the educational aspects of our journey on:  (You can also click the link on top right side of the page)

The resources and logistics required for an expeditionary-production are complicated.  The expedition and logistics we can handle, but the production side is where we can really use financial help in order to create a quality documentary, and share the amazing people, places and wildlife we meet in the Sea of Cortez.

We’ve chosen to run a fundraising campaign on a website called Indiegogo.  We truly appreciate any contributions to the making of the film and multimedia content.  The more we can raise, the better we can make it!

Become a Patron of the Journey

A Patron is someone who feels a strong connection to, or believes strongly in, the creative ventures of another.   Strongly enough to provide ongoing support that enables the creative soul to pursue their artistic gift.  On a base-level, this support generally includes recurring financial contributions that will allow the artist to fill their stomachs and maintain their required supplies.  Many patrons take that further and use their own networks to promote the artist and his/her work.

Journey is our artistic medium.  If it brings you enough inspiration or pleasure that you’d like to help us keep doing it, we are most grateful for your support.  (Read more on the Become a Patron page.)

with Shaun and Casey