Welcome Home

Thanks for coming by.  Please check out our first video and read down the page to learn about us, this website, and our project.

This site is dedicated to all who dream, all who dare, and all who are interested in what we can share.

It will cover topics about our global journeys and the experiences that enrich them – adventures and misadventures with people and places, wildlife and the natural world, and even how we get from place to place.

~ Casey and Shaun ~


Thank you for being a part of our newest phase of the journey.  Our goal is simple:

To Journey.  To Live.  To Share.


We will be updating this blog with our experiences in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.  As we journey we will be writing, photographing, and filming.  While we live in the present, our eyes are to the future.  When this journey is over, we intend to chronicle it in feature length film.


The articles and media posted in the Blog are the core of this website.  In addition to the posts, you’ll find links to informational pages about us, our journey, and our project in the header.

If you like what we’re doing, you can find ideas on how to:

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Feel free to send us comments, ask us questions, or offer suggestions on the Contact Us page, and understand it may take up to two weeks to respond if we’re in a remote area.

Help us share our journey with you by telling us what you would like to see and learn as we travel.

Thanks for coming along!

with Shaun and Casey