Extra short answer: We journey because it’s what we love.  We share it because we value experience, education, and inspiration (which we hope you’ll find within these pages and the film after the journey).

Our journey is for you.  As we document our experiences, we are doing so to allow as many people as are interested to vicariously experience the journey with us.  From meeting people of different culture; seeing new lands; interacting with interesting animals; and even just learning how one goes about living, eating, and the day-to-day activities such a journey requires.

It is our fond hope that the sharing of the journey will not only expand your educational foundation, but will be taken and shown in classrooms enabling children to experience a lifestyle very different from their normal life.  We hope the journey may awaken the desire for exploration and encourage others to “take the plunge” and realize their dreams.

Through our Blog postings, and ultimately film, we are striving to provide a unique educational and emotional sensation that will open the doors of the world beyond daily practices.  The realization of our film and the funding to help make it a reality are the critical ingredient to bring our dream of sharing and education to fruition.


Together we have over 30 years worth of experience in the outdoor education industry.  Our programs and instruction have influenced many lives across several countries, but it is time for us to evolve what we do to the next level.

We are not professional writers, photographers, or filmmakers, but we have passion for what we do that will touch hearts in search of inspiration and knowledge.

Our dream is to do what we love and share it.

Journey is what we love.  Journey is what we do.  We need your help to share.

Like life, journeys are holistic, encompassing experiences you have everyday.  The world is a giant place waiting to be explored.  It seems the two of us are destined to see new places, meet new people, taste different foods, hear different music, and have unique daily experiences.

We have spent many years sharing journeys with people face to face, and now we’re experimenting with a new format that will allow us to share even more.  What is that format, you ask? …

Here’s the recipe:


one part Travel Experiences,

one part Experiences Living Abroad, and

one part Canoe Expedition.


people committed to embracing new experiences, education and sharing knowledge.

Mix it all with the marvels of modern “mobile” technology (laptop computer, smart phones, tablets, action cameras, solar power, satellite communications)

Rim with salt, and you’ve got a blog for people to follow along, explorers for them to connect with (us), and a feature length film to relive it all after it’s said and done (or catch up on what they missed).

with Shaun and Casey