What are we doing?

Extra Short Answer:  We’re sailing Wilber, our ethnic outrigger canoe, on a trip he’ll never forget through Mexico’s Sea of Cortez!  We’re sharing it through this website and, at the end of the journey, via a film so others can learn about the many facets of this magnificent part of the world.

We’re going to explore the coast and islands of the curious Sea of Cortez to get to know the waters, landscapes, wildlife, and people that make the area so special.  (Learn more about the Sea of Cortez in the Where we are we going? page)

And we invite you to come along…we’ll be posting articles about various aspects of our journey, as well as taking photographs and videos that we aim to compile into a documentary when we complete this phase of the project.

Above all else this is an educational project (just don’t tell the kids who think learning is boring!!)

with Shaun and Casey