Dream BIG

Dream BIG

Dreams…a required ingredient to accomplish that which appears impossible.  The foundation of all we do.  This very first post is our dedication and declaration of our dream.

This site is dedicated to all who dream, all who dare, and all who are interested in what we can share.

It will cover topics about our global journeys and the experiences that enrich them – adventures and misadventures with people and places, wildlife and the natural world, and even how we get from place to place.

~ Casey and Shaun ~


Thank you for being a part of our newest phase of the journey.  Our goal is simple:

To Journey.  To Live.  To Share.


We will be updating this blog with our experiences in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.  As we journey we will be writing, photographing, and filming.  While we live in the present, our eyes are to the future.  When this journey is over, we intend to chronicle it in feature length film.

8 thoughts on “Dream BIG”

  1. It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you both and know that I helped you stock up for the first long trip…Shaun promises to send the care package soon with all the US GOODIES you can’t find there! We hope to see you both again as soon as feasible for us all…

    1. Hi Max, Great to hear you made it back home safe and sound. We’re so glad we met you guys, and can’t thank you enough for taking us all the way into Calle 12 and your patience while we filled that little cart to the rim with 3 weeks worth of rations! Not to mention your mad-mimosa harmonica solo. 😀 Tell Shaun his fantastic camerawork of us getting the boat onto the water for the first run was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks, guys!

  2. Shaun & Casey,
    When we first met and found we shared the same last name, we joked that maybe we were family. After these past days, we feel as tho we are family. Thanks for letting us share in your adventure.
    Rick & Gloria

    1. Hi Guys! We feel the same way…simply couldn’t have gotten this far without you. 🙂
      Thank you so VERY MUCH!

  3. We liked the article in elemparcial.com with you two. The photograph in the article is the first time we saw “Wilber” dressed with his mast…beautiful sight. Love Pat and Ron

    1. Hi Guys! Thanks for the compliment! It will go straight to Wilber’s head. 🙂 Hope you are doing well. We’re just about to get this whole thing kicked-off…hang on…

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